Ares Chronos CX100 Review

Ares Chronos CX100 Review

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  • Durability

Ares Chronos CX 100 is a coaxial RC helicopter which has been advertized as the “Easiest and most reasonably priced way to capture videos with RC” and it has been proved true by the little bird! Ares has recently arrived in the world of RC, but has obtained a good customer base and they thoroughly know their products. CX100 is indeed a very easy-to-fly, extremely easy-to-use and stable RC heli.


The package of Ares Chronos CX100 includes: 1 Chronos CX100 RTF helicopter with camera, 1 compact sized TX, 250mAh 1S 3.7V Li-Po battery and charger, 4AA batteries, 2GB Micro SD card, Dual Port 1S 3.7V Li-Po DC USB, 1 extra set of rotor blades, 1 screwdriver, instruction manual.

package contents


Length: 255 mm (10 inches)

Height: 115 mm (4.5 inches)

Weight (including battery): 55 gm (1.9 oz)

Main Rotor Diameter: 225 mm (8.9 inches)

Main Motor: Micro Coreless (2 installed)

Radio System: 2.4GHz 4-channel (included)

First Look

The Chrono CX100 comes to you in a neat and heavy cardboard box which you can conveniently use for carrying the heli. The helicopter is neatly packaged ready to fly right out of the box. It is pre-installed with a 2GB Micro SD card fitted inside the in-flight camera which is ready to use. Everything is high quality and superbly made. Also there is some additional wiring provided with the charger, which is something new to the expectations of a customer – it is for charging the flight battery WITHOUT having to remove the canopy. This is really useful because even in smallish helis which we often fly indoors, the canopy is pretty difficult to remove.

No Servos!

If you remove the canopy you won’t find servos! But if you think a little you will know why it is so. This is a 3-channel coaxial helicopter. Increasing throttle leads to both main motors to spin rapidly, rudder control makes one motor (& one main rotor blade) to spin rapidly while the other motor becomes slow. So, the torque makes the heli yaw. There is one extra motor for pitch control, mounted on the tail, with its blades directing upwards rather than sideward as in case of a single rotor heli.

USB Powered Charger

The built-in USB powered charger too offers more than normal expectations, i.e. it is able to charge two single cell batteries simultaneously. You have two choices – either you can charge the battery while installed in the heil (where you have to use the built-in wire adapter) or to take the canopy out and directly charge the battery. The battery gets charged within 15 minutes which is indicated by the light on the charger which goes off when the battery is fully charged.


TX of the Chronos CX100 is smallish but don’t let its size fool you. Some features on it are such that you would find them normally on much pricier units, like stick position indicators, Dual Rates, Camera info (still or video), trim indicators, and more. You have to ALWAYS turn on the TX first, as with nearly all 2.4GHz systems, and next turn the heli on. Shutting down will be just the reverse, i.e. first switch the heli off, next turn the radio off. When turned on the transmitter will constantly beep. The beeping will stop when you connect the battery and switch the heli on.


Instruction Manual

Instruction manual is full of every detail you will need for setting up the heli, capturing and saving in-flight videos and still shots. All in all, the manual has been very well written.

Taking Videos and Still Shots

When you will try to fly Chronos CX100 you will realize that the advertising of this heli has not been done just for the sake of it. You will find that the video footage you create is probably the easiest of you have ever created. If you want a still shot, press and at once release the same button. And you are done! You will notice that while taking a still shot, the LCD screen of the transmitter will show a camera icon, and while taking a video, a video camera icon will be displayed.

Enjoy this video by Channel Cottage to see how finely Chronos CX100 shoots:

The 2GB Micro SD card can be removed easily from the onboard camera; just insert it into your computer (or also on a modern smartphone if you have one). Copy the images and send wherever you want to!

Flying Performance

The small radio features in Chronos are very impressive – Dual Rates, easy programming and a fine large backlit LCD screen all are helpful in making the maiden flight go smoothly.

Within a couple of minutes you will realize that Chronos is super-stable! Moreover, the easy pushing and holding of a same button for still images and videos will let you enjoy the flight to the fullest!

in flight chronos_cx100

One drawback may be the heli doesn’t have a very good control over the default setting (low rate). After shifting to high rates, you may find the Chronos to be very easy to fly and very well-mannered. Flight time is 6 to 7 minutes on an average, and whether you use the camera for still shots or videos, it doesn’t have any effect on the flight time.


Even after a couple of bangs, the Chronos suffers no damage.


  • Very stable
  • Very easy to fly
  • Very simple setup – no complexity anywhere
  • Excellent still images and videos
  • Good flight time
  • Affordable


  • Not a very good control over the default (low rate) settings


Ares has presented an indeed fastest and easiest coaxial RC heli to shoot airborne videos you might have never experienced. Flight time of the heli is awesome with very easy setup. You definitely should get your hands on this fun little bird as soon as possible.

Enjoy this video by Kevin Cannelli:

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