Syma S107G Review

Syma S107G Review

  • Flying
  • Durability
  • Price

Syma S107G RC helicopter has been described by the company as an alloy infrared RC heli with 3.5 channel gyro system. But keeping apart that heavy terminology, you just have to consider that Syma S107G is a fun and easy-to-fly heli which is very soft on wallet.


The packages of Syma S107G contains the helicopter, a USB charging cable, a remote control unit and some spare parts to help you out in case of crashes, and instruction manual.

syma s107g package


Length: 22 cm

Height: 3.8 cm

Width: 9.8 cm

Weight: 34 gm

Main Rotor Diameter: 19 cm

Battery: 3.7V Li-Po Rechargeable

Charging Time: About 40 minutes

Flight Time: About 5 minutes


  • 2 selectable frequencies which allow you to fly 2 helicopters at a time!
  • Upgraded gyro for precise control
  • Upgraded metal frame for greater durability
  • 3-ch Infrared Control (facilitating up-down, back-forth and left-right movements)
  • Small size and light weight offering speed and agility
  • Auto stable and precision
  • Made of unique crash-resistant material
  • Super Wide Infrared Control
  • Complete RTF kit


The length of the heli is about 22 cm from its nose to tail, with the same rotor diameter. These toys have contra-rotating main rotors that keep the heli stable in the winds and the rear blade controls back and forth, instead of rotation. Fortunately there is no cyclic pitch.

Remote Control Unit

The RC unit of S107G can be used with both hands. You get throttle under your left thumb and the directional control under the right one, with action for backward, forward, left rotation and right rotation. To adjust the trim, you have a knurled knob in the center of the unit. The handset is powered by 6 AA batteries which might appear like overkill, but a minute cable inside the unit can be made use of to recharge the heli’s battery. That battery can also be recharged through a supplied USB cable which takes about 40 minutes.

Syma-s107G Transmitter

The Helicopter

Construction of S107G is by and large of metal, with the nose-cone made of plastic. The bird is pretty robust because it can withstand plenty of crashes. But some or the other time it will break for which you have been provided spare rotor blades or you can order too. There is a slider switch to turn the heli on and off, and a small charging port is provided to take the recharging cable.

Flying Experience

As said earlier, S107G is easy to fly. As long as you have some sensitivity and eye-hand coordination, you can fly it easily. It needs just a little throttle to take off and hover. With its smooth controls and super stable gyro, it is an easy flyer for almost everyone. If you are flying it inside, it will hit the ceiling with too much of throttle. Once you master the up-and-down, rotating right and left will turn the bird on the spot. Lastly the back and forth completes the range of movements, but it’s a bit trickier to become an expert in it. If you have plenty of space to fly, you will be able to create the “8” figure within no time.

However S107G is mainly an indoor bird because it is so light that wind can overpower it. Even inside a room, reflected air currents from walls and ceilings affect its flight, if flown close to them. So, get a larger room to fly the heli and you will have tremendous fun! Flight time is typically a little more than 5 minutes before there is a need to recharge.


  • Very easy to fly
  • Light weight
  • Spare parts available easily
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Incredibly cheap


  • Cannot withstand winds, so not suitable to outdoor flights


Syma S107G is an absolutely fun helicopter to fly and is even suitable to learners because of the ease in flying it provides. Especially for such a low price, the heli certainly offers a lot of amusement to the pilot. The only drawback is its too light weight, which makes it unsuitable for outdoor flights, but within a room, you can enjoy flying the bird a lot.

Enjoy this superb video by Blue Ridge which shows all the movements S107G can do:

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