MJX F47 Review

MJX F47 Review

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MJX F47 is a 4-channel single-rotor RC helicopter with flybar. MJX is constantly improving their quality of products and F47 is its perfect example, because for an economical price, the 4 CH 45-degree flybarred bird is giving a tough competition to the utmost popular V911 by WLToys. This review is for giving an insight about the features and performance of the fixed pitch MJX F47.

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Packing and Looks

The packing of MJX F47 includes the heli itself, a 2.4 GHz 4-channel transmitter with LCD display (4 modes), 2 380mAh batteries of 3.7V, a USB charger, a warranty card and an instruction manual. Extras include a rear rotor, 2 main blades and a rotor linkage. (Find an English manual here, if you don’t get one.) The look of the heli is good, barring the battery connector which hangs out in front, which ruins it a bit.

Comparison with Other Helis

As compared to V911 by WLToys, F47 has a lot of enhancements, e.g. it has independent servos, plugs for both servos and for the main motor (unfortunately not for back motor), all parts secured with screws (not glued), slim chord rotor (like FBL FP rotors), compatible Walkera batteries and battery plugs, main shaft metallic, N20 main motor and easy maintenance. However, because of these improvements it is good for an experienced pilot. For those who will have their 1st 4CH or want a more precise helicopter, should better try their hands at V911.

Quality of Structure

The quality of material of F47 is really good. Canopy is made from high standard ultrathin metal, impact-resistant.


The long and narrow blade of F47 makes it roll because configuration of this blade is not readily influenced by the flybar. The 45 degree head design gives direction to the head and flybar holds it back. You can replace the blades with a shorter and wider one to improve response as well as roll resistance; however you will lose speed and performance to some extent. And it won’t be compatible with the motor too. So, instead of that, better fly a V911.


The GR146 transmitter of F47 is 4-channel having conveniently switchable sticks and modes. This means that you need not specify the flight mode comfortable for you. The design of the case is exactly the same as that of the X100 quadracopter, however some differences are there. Their protocols are different, so you cannot bind X100 to GR146. One more difference is the LCD display, GR146 has. It shows the stick mode, throttle position, trim and flight mode. Last difference is that there is a red camera switch to the top right corner of the transmitter. And yes, there is a throttle limiter for the novice, a usual feature occurring in other MJX units too.

Battery & Chargers

3.7V 380mAh Li-Po battery is provided with a USB charger.

Spare Parts Availability

Spare parts are available online, with vendors like Banggood.

Flight Performance

F47 requires a slight aileron as well as elevator trim for maintaining a stable hover, under stock configuration having low rates. And if you pump the throttle slightly, the tail works extremely well. But this is for low rates. Having crisp response of elevator and aileron, the heli is not too fast.

You will notice that if the heli is to be turned for more than 90 degrees for example, it would have to pitch or roll by itself. Elevator and aileron inputs are required to maintain the flight, which is fairly steady, giving the feel of a FBL FP, rather than a 45-degree design with flybar of F47’s head.

Under high rates, F47 is slightly better regarding aileron and elevator response. The pitch and roll behavior appears again with more amount of rudder inputs. You will take some time to get used to it, but the behavior is same like a heli between a traditional 45-degrees fixed pitch flybarred heli and a FBL fixed pitch heli.

If you move the pushrods towards the outer hole on servo arm, there is more improvement in response and also indoor flying with low rates becomes quite easy.

During outdoor flying, when there is wind, F47 suffers a lot from flybar striking and an overall lost control. Thus, outdoor flying is not recommended even on high rates, because F47 doesn’t have the necessary servo throw to cope up with wind.


  • Price is low, compared to the great performance and quality.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Extremely functional transmitter.
  • RX plugs
  • Independent servos


  • Because of change in protocol, transmitter is incompatible with earlier products.
  • Wires of rear tail motor are soldered on the RX (really unnecessary)
  • Coreless motor should have been used for better efficiency
  • Outdoor performance is poor in windy conditions (though possible with no wind).
  • May become outdated, once the new FBL version, F48 is out.


Conclusion is, MJX F47 has a lot of enhancements and its flight features are really nice. The motor could have been made more efficient if it was without core. (flight time about 8 minutes). But it can be said that F47 is a height of micro FP helis with flybar. The quality and performance are great. And it is definitely great for indoor flights.

MJX F47B Brushless Motor

The MJX F47B brushless motor is a great improvement over the brushed motor version. Though there is not much difference in speed attained with the brushless motor, the F47B is more responsive to the remote. There is marked spinning and leftward movement during the flight. This could be attributed to additional weight of the battery cable. Modifying or changing the rear rotor blade should correct the spinning. Trimming the servos should keep the F47B’s head in track.
Overall, the flight of the MJX F47B is smoother, quieter and more stable even if it is not much faster. The brushless motor affords more power and longer life to the F47B. This RC heli is good enough to fly indoors and outdoors. Depending on personal preferences, the F47B brushless motor could be tweaked to fly better, faster and smoother.

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