MJX F48 Review

MJX F48 Review

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The MJX F48 is a 4-channel, fixed pitch, flybarless helicopter. Designed and manufactured by MJX, the F48 seems to be toy-like but is actually a hobby-grade RC helicopter.

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Design of MJX F48

The F48 comes in a neat and well protected package that contains 1 F48 flybarless FP helicopter; a 2.4GHz transmitter with tri-rates, LCD screen and throttle limiter; 2 3.7V 380mAh 20C Li-po batteries; main and tail blades spares; a warranty card and instruction manual. It is a compact mini RC heli with a dimension of 27 X 24 X 8.5 cm and a weight 52gms.
The battery has a charging time of 6o minutes with a flight time of 7-8 minutes. The transmitter has a controlling distance of around 150 meters. 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology. The spread spectrum radio control has strong anti-interference ability, rapid response and small power consumption. It has 4 play modes of moving up/down, forward / backward, flying left / right, turning left / right including the option to set the parameter of the throttle control curve.
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Flight of the MJX F48

The design of the F48 is similar to an earlier model, the F47. The motor is quite larger than the F47’s and has the essential power to briskly lift the RC heli. The built quality is on par with other MJX helis. Maybe because of its weight, the F48 needs a quick pull of the throttle to get to speed. When in flight, the F48 is calmer and more stable. However, keeping the F48 in a steady hover takes more skill and patience. The tail is steady even when there is sudden movement due to the throttle’s input. The F48’s yaw is more impressive than other helicopters in its class
Based on some reviews, the F48 does not respond well to circuits as it was hard to keep take-off and land in a satisfactory manner. Some experienced, RC heli hobbyists say that they barely do a circuit. Doing turns was quite challenging.

Brushless Motor

For additional payment, the F48’s motor can be converted to a brushless motor. This motor is quite safe from electromagnetic acoustic and motor wear. A brushless motor is more efficient, reliable, adaptable and stable than a brushed motor. Repair and maintenance of a brushless motor is easier,
When replacing brushless motor component the throttle stroke has to be reset. This process will prompt the ESC to remember the throttle’s output signal as original signal and will respond the same way when the same signal is received.

Pros and Cons of the MJC F48

The MJX F48 is well-built and fitted with a durable and strong tail hold. The motor has plenty of power and transmitter is easy enough to manipulate. The canopy is solid. The frame and head design tough. The landing gear is sturdy.
The flight characteristic of the F48 could do some improvements. At turns, the F48 RC heli has the inclination to slide heavily. It cannot handle the wind 100%. The transmitter, though apt in functions, has a generic and mediocre built. The instructions manual is of little help.


There is no doubt that the MJX F48 is a sleek and smart RC heli but its being flybarless was of no good. Flying this heli is not for beginners as it takes some skills and a lot of experience to control and fly the F48. Even a “pilot” with experience in fixed pitch heli might find flying the MJX F48 a handful.

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