Nine Eagles Solo Pro 260A Review

Nine Eagles Solo Pro 260A Review

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Nine Eagles Solo Pro 260A is a fixed pitch, single rotor 4CH entry class helicopter, which is perfect for those who are experienced in flying co-axial helis. It is also good for those who are learning newly, but they will have to practice hard for controls.

Packing and Looks

Packing is done very nicely in a strong, protective aluminum case. The heli is available in three good-looking editions, viz. RTF 2.4GHz Red Deluxe, Yellow 2.4GHz, and Blue 2.4GHz Deluxe. The package includes pre-assembled Nine Eagle Solo Pro 260A heli, 2.4 GHz transmitter, with built-in charger slot, 3.7V 120mAh Li-Polymer battery, 1 extra 3.7V 120mAh Li-Po battery, 4 AA alkaline batteries, a screwdriver (not sure about this, some sites have given it and some not)  and an instruction manual. Sometimes, for some reasons, you may not find instruction manual in your packing. In that case, download it here.packing contents


Quality of Structure

The parts are quite tough and damage-proof. The body of the helicopter is very light, which is advantageous in a way, because upon a crash the heli is not very badly damaged.

red & yellow


Length – 20.7 cm

Main rotor diameter – 19 cm

All-up weight – 28 gm (along with battery)

Flight-time – About 5 minutes

Recharge time – About 30 minutes


Transmitter of Nine Eagles Solo Pro 260A, having 2.4GHz technology, has interchangeable modes, 1 & 2, dual rates and digital trims. The modes can be changed easily via antenna. It also has a LCD screen. The 4-channel radio has a slot for the battery charger.

TX frontside

TX backside

Battery & Chargers

1 + 1 extra (same as above) 3.7V 120mAh Li-Po battery and a charger have been provided with the heli. The battery can be charged from the transmitter.

Flying Experience

This heli is really great for beginners because it is easy to fly. Its response is great and newbies can try their hands on it for getting a good experience. However, it is great for indoor flying. Outdoor flying is successful only under non-windy conditions. But it is mainly meant for indoor flying.

Spare Parts Availability

Spare parts are available with online vendors.


  • Mechanism is simple, quite easy to fly and so, the heli is good for beginners, easy to repair.
  • Tiny size, only 20 cm long, therefore great for flying indoors
  • Heavy stabilizer bar, again a plus for beginners, because it offers better stability


  • Battery lasts for a very short time (3 minutes).
  • Very small size, so those not having great vision, may not find it suitable.


The battery inserting direction may create confusion for those who are familiar with that of co-axials. It is not same, to be compliant with weight balance design. In such a case, battery inserted in a wrong direction may cause damage to the heli, and that is not covered in warranty. So, better understand this from a savvy pilot.


If you have a basic knowledge of flying Co-axial and even if you are totally new to flying helis, this helicopter is great for you.

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