WLToys V911 Review

WLToys V911 Review

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WL Toys has introduced the 3rd version of its much known V911 2.4 GHz 4CH heli with flybar. It has similarities with the earlier versions, like small size, fast movements and low cost. Its spare parts are also low priced and are available with many online shops. It is good for those who are expert in flying coaxials, but are not still in a position to spend a large amount on Mcpx or some such Collective Pitch helicopter. V911 is fixed pitch, means it functions nearly like a real helicopter in a hovering flight, but cannot do inverted or other 3D flights. V911 gives you a chance to learn flying in Mode 2, as it is called by the pilots of a real heli, with rudder on the left side, and cyclic control on right side. This heli is better to start with for those who have experience in flying rotary craft in simulators or video games.

Packing and Looks

wltoys v911 rc helicopter
Packing of V911 is excellent, protecting the spare parts of the heli well. The box has a handle, so that while carrying it towards a field, everything inside stays upright. Every item is secured with a tape and foam cushions are provided on the sticks to safeguard them against crushing, so in all the packing is suitable for long distance shipping. The items included in the packing are the heli, transmitter, batteries, charger, spare set of main blades as well as tail rotor and a detailed instruction manual (might have been copied from that of another company).

The looks of the V911 are similar to that of the previous versions. Color schemes of blue and white, and white and red are available too.

What’s New?

The latest version of V911 has much the same characteristics as its precursors, like main chassis, motors, 2mm tailshaft and main gear. The upgrade in Christmas 2011 had skids with a screw to be held on, in place of 2 push-in posts and also it lacked the ‘Corter’ canopy. The summer 2012 upgrade has the same mainboard and transmitter, but a new head having a different flybar. Thus, the only new things in the latest version are longer mainshaft and more powered battery with new power connector and upgraded skids, incorporating the battery connector.

Quality of Structure

This version of V911 is the sturdiest of all versions. It can cope up with a lot of crashes and is ready to fly again. If something breaks occasionally, it is skids and sometimes main blades.

 WLToys v911 Specifications Size


  • Height – 180 mm
  • Length – 250 mm (from tip of main blade to backside tip of tail blade)
  • Width – 145 mm
  • Length of main blade – 192 m
  • Length of tail rotor – 36 mm
  • Flying weight – 32 gm


WL-V911-TX_LRGThe radio of the new V911 has much similar features to that of its precursor. In addition, it features a fully efficient LCD backlit screen. There is a red V-bar which indicates power, when the switch is on. The LCD lights up whenever the throttle is above zero. This time, the TX auto-binds for about 4 seconds when powered first; the backlight remains on and beeps a countdown following which it goes into the normal operating mode.
There is a silver button between the Mode 1 ‘Slow Rate’ and Mode 2 ‘Fast Rate’ on the top left, which switches on with indicator on LCD. The LCD also shows an animated helicopter rotor graphic and a bargraph showing throttle speed. There are other indicators too for aileron, rudder and elevator stick position, along with bars showing each subtrim status and battery power. Battery meter is not regulated for rechargeable ones; freshly charged batteries show 4 bars, only for a minute and dropps to 3 bars. It isn’t so with alkaline ones.

The screen has a good contrast and when you watch it from 90 degrees, its view is excellent; but when start lifting the radio up or tilting and it becomes pale and unreadable. But as your eyes will be on heli and not on the screen, it is hard to cause any issue.

The precursor had a USB power port for the charger, which made it compulsory to carry the USB cord with you, whereas the new version has a short cord permanently attached below a flip-out cover which serves also as a tilt stand for the radio, while it is being charged.

Battery & Chargers

v911 Helicopter BatteryEarlier the battery used to pop out readily after a crash, but the issue has now been resolved by modifying the place of battery-holder against the chassis, far from the commonest impact zone, instead of its previous position in the skids. The battery connector is secured with the help of a collar and screws, which means that you can replace a broken skid, with no soldering or without twisting and attaching tapes to the battery wires. The wires too are thicker, and plus they have thicker insulation, making them more durable.

It has been observed that charging from the USB hub takes less time than that from the TX power source. The manual has taken a note of this and has also stated that user can get about 18 hours of runtime with carbon-zinc batteries, with TX only as a controller. But this will only be fine for about 3 charging cycles. It has been also observed that this can be double if Alkalines are used, but increased charging time reduces the battery life drastically. Therefore, a powered USB hub or a 120 AC USB charging adapter is much preferable to the TX power source.

The Head and the Blades

Besides the new Radio TX, a newly designed head has also been introduced in the new V911. It features a similar flybar made from translucent polycarbonate, unlike the older opaque black polycarbonate. But more or less they look identical, with overall length 130 mm and 5.5 mm x 10.7 mm weight pods at their tips. The difference is in metallic slugs made use of as weights. The newer one has apparently smaller weights and the flybar weight is reduced to 1.5 gm from 2 gm. But the older version was more stable because of the bigger weights even after innumerable flights.

One difference between the older and the newer head design is a through hole in the mounting area of the shaft; otherwise the heads are similar, as their geometry is same. An unnoticeable change has been made in the size of blades, i.e. from 2.5mm to 2.6mm; but because of this, older blades are not usable for the newer head. The older blades have letters ‘A’ and ‘B’ printed on them, while the newer ones have ‘A1’ and ‘B1’. The mainshaft too is a bit longer, which reduces the head’s unsteadiness and increases its life.

Flying experience

V911 has an excellent gyro stabilization system, which makes it almost as user-friendly as a coaxial heli. It can also be easily repaired after crash damage and has easy-swap batteries, so as to give you prolonged sessions of repeated flights.

You will have to take the heli to a height soon by hitting the throttle, because its flight near the ground is horrible. Once it is in air, you will need to give a small amount of rudder trim. This will also be needed when the battery power starts lowering. Try trimming Cyclic by the adjustment of servo links. It will take some minutes, but you then will not generally need to re-trim, unless something is badly crashed.

Availability of Spare Parts and Upgraded Parts

WlToys v911 spare partsSpare parts are readily available with most of the online vendors. The make the swashplate of V911 durable (which is not so, because of not having pivot bearing on upper plate), it is often replaced with that of Solo Pro 260A by Nine Eagles.


  • Suitable packing for long distance shipping.
  • Appealing look.
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent building quality
  • Excellent stability
  • Very sturdy, so can cope up with many crashes.


  • Canopy is easily breakable and starts looking rough soon.
  • Spare parts are available only on internet, not in brick-&-mortar shops.
  • No AC adapter for charger is included in the packing.

All in all, V911 offers you much more than its price. Its quality is very good and its flying experience is excellent. Worth buying!

Suggested Spare Parts to Buy

spare main and tail blades for v911

5 x Spare Main and Tale Blades – $5.04

5 x 200mAh battiers for V911

5 x 200mAh batteirs – $12.96

v911spare parts

Spare Accessories Bag – $5.79

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