WLToys V913 Review

WLToys V913 Review

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WLToys V913 – RTF

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WL Toys has now V913, a big 4CH 2.4Gsingle blade RC helicopter, featuring functions like forward and backward, up and down, turning left and right, and left and right sideward flying. I find this heli interesting as it has crossed the line of toy grade heli to enter the area of hobby grade helis in terms of its 400 size. And so, I decided to review it for RC heli-lovers. Because it is still a toy heli, though its performance is not as that of a hobby grade heli, it has much more to offer at the price of a toy heli.


Packing and Looks

The neat and tidy packing includes 1 helicopter with 1 built-in Li-Po battery of 7.4V 1500mAh, 1 balance charger for the battery in the heli, 1 transmitter (this uses 4AA battery, but not included), 2 extra main blades, 1 extra tail blade and 1 instruction manual.

the heli and the tx

The battery took less than one hour to charge, which, I thought, was not bad at all. But we may consider that it was partially charged beforehand, so the forthcoming charging sessions took full 90 minutes, just as stated in the user manual.

There are LEDs for indications – red one for power and green for charging, which when goes out, you understand that the pack is charged.

Regarding looks, it’s real big! It is like the elder bro of V911 and V912.

Quality of Structure

As said earlier, V913 is real big; its mechanical structure is inspired by the Double Horse Shuang Ma 9117, the difference being only a modified servo orientation to match the firmware of WLToys, thus it looks like an oversized baby born to V911 and DH9118! And actually, it has much resemblance with the DH family of big toy helis than the microheli family of V911.

A balance of the rotational mass is achieved as the motor is positioned towards the front of the main shaft.  The head has the usual 45 degrees offset flybar, but the servos moved inward of the main shaft rather than inside the main board. Canopy is made from the same super-strong black “Tupperware” plastic like that of V911 and has same color scheme of red, black and yellow, even for blades.

The bird has excellent durability because I had a lot of crashes being a clumsy “pilot” and it withstood it well! Other than having a few scratches on the canopy and a little bending of FlyBar, it suffered no damage!  


Size: 69 x 11 x 20 cm

Gross Weight: 15 kg

Net Weight: 14 kg

Frequency: 2.4G

Channel: 4CH

Flying Time: Approx. 8 Minutes

Control Distance: Approx. 150m

Battery: 7.4V 1500 mAh Li-po

Charging Time: Approx. 60 Minutes

Transmitter: with LCD Screen

Transmitter Battery: 4 x 1.5V AA (not included)

Big Size

V913 is quite big! Bigger than its precursors, so to say! This means that rather than a micro-heli, it can fit into the line of large scale toy helis. Of course, its elder brother V912 was designed on the basis of the 250-sized Double Horse 9116 and V913 is 400-sized! Looking at the trend of increasing size of their every other heli, like Corter V911s, V9x9 Quads and V922 CP Flybarless micro-heli, it can be concluded that WL Toys is fast diminishing the borderline between toy grade and hobby grade helicopters, which leads to a further conclusion that in future more and more big-sized helis may come!     


Receiver shows resemblance with the V912 and Double Horse 9116/9117 modules; there is power switch for turning the ESC/BEC portion on or off, while main motor current is powered fully electronically.


The main motor is the good old brushed 380 can-style used in generations of RC helis, while the tail motor is 12-25 brushed can-style having gear reduction and heat sink, which is indeed needed by the huge tail rotor.


Just to suit the big size of V913, its main blades rotate like those of a real helicopter. Again here the blades show resemblance with (pa) DH 9118, even up to the molding marks.



Tail motor ofV913 is 12-24 brushed can motor having its own gear reduction and heat sink. And as the motor is oversized, this is correct.


The main motor is operated entirely electronically. Therefore the pre-installed Li-Po battery should be unplugged when not being used.   The battery is 7.4V 2S/1500mAh and with a small red JST plug it provides power to the heli, which allows about 7 to 8 minutes of flying time. It is recommended by the manufacturer to let the heli cool down while being charged, which can take even 90 minutes. A hobby grade Li-Po battery charger can also be used to charge this standard battery, which is good as many of you may have those chargers and can then charge in half the time, even within half an hour, and still the heli gets ample time to cool down.



Transmitter is larger than that of toy helis, though it has similar LCD screen and several buttons on the face. But only one of the buttons for swapping rudder from left stick to the right is functional. It shows a combination of springs and cams and has a second slider to switch throttle from left stick to the right, so that you can choose from Mode 1, 2, 3 and 4 without opening the transmitter. The other buttons have been provided for other functions of unreleased models. The high and low rates of TX are toggled with the help of the LH shoulder button. There is also a RH shoulder button, which operates as a temporary “Turbo” or “Accelerate” mode, thus adding nearly 20% more maximum throw to both servos and “telescoping” the entire scale consequently.

lcd display of tx

Flying Experience

Besides being obviously inspired by Shuang Ma, V913 has taken up the brilliant flying performance of (ma) V911, which upgraded it to the bigger heli market. And it has inherited the hovering stability from (pa) 9118 coaxial given its large size and purposely oversized flybar. I have got my 3-CH Syma S107G over which V913 scores by moving side-to-side. WLToys has introduced the 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum Technology in this bird to overcome range problems, in which they indeed have succeeded. LED facilitates night flight, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Spare Parts Availability

They are available only online as of now, which can be a drawback!


  • Looks like a real heli, because of the big size
  • Smooth hover
  • Can be flown in high winds
  • LCD transmitter like ‘hobby-grade’ helis
  • Excellent durability
  • Excellent stability
  • Good maneuverability and speed


  • Expensive
  • Single battery and 90 minutes charging time; so you will have to get extra batteries (but you can get this time reduced with a hobby-grade Li-Po charger if you have one)


If you want to fly a big heli outdoors or gift someone with a passion for helis, V913 is a great toy for you. Also if you are a beginner or an expert, V913 will suit you. If you already have a hobby-grade heli, you may not feel very excited about it, but once you take a look at it, you would definitely love it. So, worth trying!

Battery for V913

Battery for V913 – $12.99

V913 accessories bag

V913 accessories bag – $17.45

V913 spare main blades

Main Spare Blades – $2.89

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