Walkera Genius CP Review

Walkera Genius CP Review

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Walkera Genius CP is a 2.4GHz, flybarless 6-channel RC helicopter which can do 3D aerobatic flying and is also famous for its agility and durability.

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Package of Genius CP includes: Genius CP 6-CH 2.4GHz helicopter, main blade, tail blade, 2 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po batteries, battery charger, Devo-7 transmitter, tool kit, instruction manual.



Length: 22 cm

Main Rotor Diameter: 24.1 cm

Tail Rotor Diameter: 4.5 cm

All-up Weight: 45 gm (with battery)

Gyro: 3-axis and 6-axis

Servo: wk-02-3

Transmitter: Walkera Devention Devo-7, Devo-6, Devo-8s (Selectable)

Receiver: RX2625H

Main Brush Motor: 0820R

Tail Brush Motor: 0615R

Battery: 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po


Walkera Genius CP is a nice-looking bird which is tiny and lightweight. Being dark colored, it can pose visibility problems during flights.



Genius CP has Devo 7 transmitter which is good to look at and hold in hand. But it is quite heavy with the 8 AA batteries. Its sticks are smooth to operate. However, the menu is quite difficult to understand. But once you understand it, you can fly through it easily.

The LCD display of the TX is text only. But the text size is excessively big – only 5 characters can be occupied at a time. There are no graphs or graphical curves to show throttle or pitch curves. This is a bit disappointing.

One plus point is the battery life is fantastic. You can use it even for 3 days and nights.

walkera genius CP tx

Flight Performance

Genius CP gives a superb flight performance – smooth and extremely stable! And it also handles turns well.

In the 6-axis mode, the bird becomes ultra stable, but drifts to the left. You can trim it however, in the transmitter. And this mode is probably very good for beginners updating to a CP helicopter.

There is no expo with the settings of the stock TX and dual rate is set at 100%. So, you will need to fly the bird gentle. Also while switching to stunt mode it may drop. Adjusting throttle curves, pitch curves, and set D/R and expo, you will find it much better, with no drops while shifting to stunt mode.

Sometimes the tail blows. The mCPX tail blade is considered to hold quite well, so you can try it.



Genius CP is pretty tough. It can withstand many hard crashes except some trifle damages. And if it crashes on grasses, there is no damage at all.

Not sufficient servo throw for flipping over fast enough, so flipping is slow. Turning D/R and expo off does a little better. Try turning up the servo ext. pot to maximum on the receiver and turning up the dual rate to 125% or more to make flipping faster.


Yaw issue in hover in 3-axis mode: For the nose drifts during hover is to try subtrim rather than trim, to rectify the yaw issue. Try subtrim 5%-10% or so. You can also increase gyro gain up to 80%-90%.


  • Extremely durable in crashes
  • Very smooth and stable
  • Solid main shaft
  • 3-axis and 6-axis gyro
  • Flies well out of the box
  • Square tail boom should be strong in a crash
  • Spare parts cheaper
  • No need to cut frame to make it brushless
  • RX has gyro adjustment pot and servo ext. pot
  • Standard servos
  • Decent power
  • Adjustable links for blade tracking


  • Landing gear built in the frame bends or breaks easily, so you will need to buy a new frame and swap everything on it. This is a bad feature for a beginner.
  • Canopy is easily breakable being very thin
  • Canopy pin is very loose, because of which putting on the canopy and taking off becomes difficult
  • Gyro has problem – nose drifts to the left.
  • Another gyro problem is in the 6-axis mode – the heli drifts.
  • Darkness of the bird makes it difficult to see during flights


Walkera Genius CP is a nice heli. It is extremely stable and flies nicely. Learners may find some problems like understanding the menu. If graphical curves are added for the throttle and pitch curves it would be better. Going brushless is not recommended for learners. The great head speed will make it ultra fast and extremely twitchy; so it’s better to start with the stock motor. When you are prepared for a much stronger heli, you can transform it to BL or DBL.

Enjoy this excellent video of Genius’s 3D flight, by buildem336!

[NOTE: Now Walkera has upgraded Genius CP to V2 (version 2) with an all-in-one receiver having a 6-axis Gyro chip, and is even more stable now. Also focused on the Head Holding ability, the tail rotor and tail boom has been changed a bit, which offers Genius CP V2 better performance.]

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