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WLToys V922 Review

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Those who wish to own a 6-channel flybarless micro helicopter may be eager to own the one launched by WLToys, named V922. This review may be helpful to them, because it analyses the pros and cons of this 6CH FBL micro helicopter.

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Well, the prominent advantages of V922 are low cost and its suitability to beginners. But there are disadvantages too, like incompatibility with 9X, non-programmable transmitter (seen as a pro, in fact), etc. Let us see these one by one. Normally in 6 channel helis, there are adjustments to change pitch curves, gyro gain and throttle curve, but in V922, all these functions have been removed to make it more suitable for beginners. Idea behind this is you just plug in the battery and enjoy the flight. Plus, an “Easy” switch has been provided for inverted flight. And a good 3-Axis Gyro chip has been provided for stability.

WLToys V922

Packing and Looks

Packing is superb, so the swashplate comes out perfectly and no twisting of the linkage rods is required. And extra main rotor blades, a tail rotor blade as well as other spare parts come free with the package. V922 looks awesome! It certainly looks better than its precursor, V911, with flybar. However, when compared to 450-sized helicopters, it looks very tiny. The trademark of WLToys is hidden smartly on the rotor blades. Even the tail motor holder is sturdier than V911 and guarantees that it can hold the tail when the helicopter performs pitch pumps.

The receiver board of the flybarless system is placed in vertical position.

The 3 linear servos are enclosed in a canopy. But they aren’t saved from dirt after a while.

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Quality of Structure

There is a scope for improvement. E.g. the four grommets of the canopy are easily detached. The canopy itself is made from soft plastic that can be easily cracked with a crash. And the grommets are so tiny that they can be easily misplaced. Then, the skids are extremely soft, like the ones in V911. Also, the body frame is so soft that it bends even upon a little force. It is really a question how safe the flybarless system can be with a soft receiver board that this heli has.

The battery bay is unsuitable for non-stock battery and there are possibilities that the uncomfortable battery movement may affect the flybarless system. (Actually stock batteries are too low for this fast heli, and you will require nano-techs within a few days.)

The stock tail motor cannot take the load of the helicopter in fast circuits. However, the specs seem good. It has a nice Bolt logo on it. The motor fits very stiffly in the tail holder and so, you will have to be careful while moving it in or out, not to damage the wires. Instead of short wires and light enamel wires to be soldered, it has long red and black wires. They are too thick to pass inside the tail boom together, so only one of the two fits in it. Another must-know is if you solder red wire to red and black wire to black, you get opposite spinning of the tail motor! If you solder red to black and black to red, then the tail motor works in normal way. In short, you have to wrap the wires round the boom. To minimize damage to boom, you can use a 12.7 mm solid carbon rod in place of tail boom. Plus point of wire is they have rubber coating, unlike enamel wires and so, they are more protected against wear and tear.


A drawback is loose main rotor blades and you have to tighten them a bit. The tail boom can also get a crack if it undergoes a bad crash. However, it is also a plus of the bulleted blades that they offer high stability. (But for 3D flights, you will need to switch to non-bulleted blades). The blades are also light and flexible, though compared to other blades, they are a bit shorter. They are a bit more rigid than the stock bulleted blades, but are certainly suppler than the HobbyKing blades. But due to the suppleness, they are more affected by the winds too. In strong winds, it is difficult to hover the heli at a spot, because of the lightness of the blades. A plus point is fast circuits with them are good. But though they are light, they can smash up the tail boom if there is a bad crash.


Transmitter of V922 is far improved than the earlier E728 and it looks like that of a hobby grade RC helis. It is sturdy, which is important in micro CP helis, as you have to hold it firmly while focusing on flying the tiny helicopter. It features Modes 1 to 4. Rudder and/or throttle can be placed on left or right stick. Ensure about the mode before flight. E.g. if it is Mode 4, you should keep the “Down” button pressed to get to Mode 1.

Battery & Chargers

In the package, you get 2 3.7V 300mAh Li-Polymer batteries in the packet, along with a charger and a charging cable (supported by USB Cable) to charge the batteries through Walkera Losi ports.

Normal Mode Vs Idle-up

If you observe pitch settings, after powering up V922, you will see that the swash is leveled excellently. E.g. in normal mode, when the throttle is 0%, the pitch angle is approximately 40%, and if throttle is 100% the pitch angle is about 63%, while in idle-up mode, when throttle is 0%, pitch angle is nearly 0% and for 100% throttle, it is 100%.

Pitch range for the elevator as well as aileron is +/- 6 degrees.

Inverted Flight

If you read the instruction manual thoroughly, it won’t be hard for you to learn inverted flights. In fact, it is really very easy, with the “Easy” switch. Switch on the “Easy” switch and fly the heli at Normal mode, i.e. non-IU. Take it to a suitable height to prepare for the turn over. Flip it with full aileron and when it is inverted, activate Idle-Up.


  • V922 is reasonably priced. If you are a micro CP beginner, V922 is good to learn the basics of CP helis, as it costs less than USD 100 including shipping.
  • Transmitter, though non-programmable, is fine, with its default settings.
  • V922 is fairly steady to handle. There is a very minute drifting.


  • If you are not experienced in flying CP helicopters (and experienced in only flying 4CH FP helicopters), V922 is sure to be destroyed, as it is too fast.
  • Is not good if the winds are strong and may bring about boom damage.
  • Skids and other parts are very fragile, and so will need to upgrade to unbreakable ones.


While switching it on, keep it on a flat surface for a while, to allow the gyro start.

In short, V922 certainly doesn’t disappoint you, if you are experienced with CP helicopters.

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