MJX F45 Review

MJX F45 Review

  • Durability
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For many days I was wishing to buy a single-rotor heli and at last I bought the new MJX F45. I would like to share my experiences with it and if anybody from you, who are reading this, would like to comment will always be welcomed; because I don’t have a very good experience of 4-ch birds and so, would like to hear from you as much as possible.

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So, this new toy of mine is about 21” long. Its span too is 21”. In short, it is quite big! This is the very first single blade from Meijiaxin Toys (there are two versions – old and new – I have got the new one) and being a big fan of the MJX I thought to buy it and till now I haven’t repented, because its flight experience is good as for me; maybe it is not very perfect, but that happens usually with many helis, doesn’t it? F45 has got a configurable transmitter and a camera too, and has brushless motor.


The package includes: F45 heli (pre-assembled), 1 transmitter with LCD screen, 1 7.4V (1500mAh) Li-ion battery (you can get Li-Po battery too now) and 1 110V-240V charger, extra main and tail blades 1 each and a user manual (Chinese).


Dimensions: 71 x 21 x 11 cm

Motor: Brushless

Battery: 7.4V 1500mAh Li-ion (or Li-Po)

Charging Time: 120 to 140 Minutes

Features: Up-Down, Forward-Backward, Left-Right

Transmitter: LCD Screen, Configurable

Gyro: Yes

Camera: Yes

Flying Time: 6 to 10 Minutes

Remote Control Distance: Around 50 Meters

Building Quality

Building quality of F45 is good with durable looks. Links and servos are positioned properly, so side loading of servo arms is eliminated. The swashplate matches perfectly with the main shaft.

There is room for improvement in the blade holders though. I tried to overcome the extra length of the centering pin with just a bit of tension and it worked fine.


Transmitter of F45 has LCD display. It controls 8 directions and is equipped with 2.4G auto connection technology.

new tx


The camera of my F45 has so far performed well, the video quality is satisfactory.



All toys by MJX are durable and F45 is no exception. As I have shattered it many times while flying in the room, but besides getting a scratch on canopy it is fairly intact and gives good flying.

Flying Experience

F45 gave an excellent hover when I first flew it. But its 12c Li-ion is a little pain, with no sufficient power. It was in my own room that I flew it and still flying it, because weather is not good yet. But I am sure that it will be real fun outside, though unsure how it will behave in windy conditions, being a FP. I will keep updating when I will get an experience with outside flight.

Actually I am trying to set it as per my beautiful piloting (?), but its forward on right rudder and reverse on the left is familiar; but on fast turns, it slides a little. I have found that maxing out adjusting the aileron servo cuts out this sliding feature to a little extent. As flying in a small room has its limitations, it has suffered plenty of crashes. All in all, F45 is fairly fast and quite easy to fly and hover.


It is available in two colors – red and green.

red and green


Manual is in Chinese. But all the MJX manuals are available to download in English here.

Availability of Spare Parts

Spare parts are available on bangood, AliExpress, etc, though they may seem to be hard to find. You will have to be persistent.


  • Durable
  • Fast
  • Easy flying
  • Good looks
  • Stable hover


  • Too large to fly indoors
  • Less power of battery
  • Chinese manual (though English manual is now available)


If you are in search of a fixed pitch large bird which is easy to fly, F45 is really a nice chopper. But its 45-degree flybar’s stability won’t train you for flying a collective pitch heli.

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