Nine Eagles Solo Pro 125A V2 6-CH RC Helicopter Review

Nine Eagles Solo Pro 125A V2 6-CH RC Helicopter Review

  • Durability
  • Flying
  • Price

When I saw NE Solo Pro 125A at my friend’s courtyard, where he was flying it nicely, I fell in love with the little bird right then! And then after a long waiting time, at last I received the package. I took it out and flew it… and it was wonderful, as expected. So, I felt to write about it something and so, I wrote this review, with a hope that someone in search of a fine 6-CH brushed heli with excellent performance may get some help with this write-up to some extent.


The package of Solo Pro 125A includes: 1 pre-assembled Solo Pro 125A helicopter, 1 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po battery, 1 charger, 1 charging adapter, 1 J6 Pro 6-CH transmitter and 1 screwdriver.

package contents


Length: 278 mm

Width: 38 mm

Height: 77 mm

Weight: About 44 gm

Main Rotor Diameter: 243 mm

Tail Rotor Diameter: 38 mm

Battery: 1 x 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po

Servo: 1.9 gm Steering Engine

Channels: 6

Transmitter: NE-T008 J6Pro 2.4GHz

Quality of Structure

It is amazing that the landing skids of Solo Pro 125A are pretty tough. They are superbly flexible and return to their original shape without a trace of bending or crack etc. It seems that the plastic on them is durable. The main shaft is made from CNC and is durable too. The canopy and blades are bright white and so, easily discernible from quite a distance. The main blades too are quite sturdy and of flexible plastic. The main gear is equipped with a big teeth and even the gear in itself is much bigger and sturdier than that of Solo Pro 100D.


The receiver of Solo Pro 125A has a small button, hopefully for 6-axis implementation, but it has no adjustment pots which is a shortfall.


Stock batteries that come in the package are 200mAh. They are good but you can get flying time of 5 to 6 minutes, whereas with 300mAh Li-Po gives ten minutes of idle-up flight! But the battery tray is too small to accommodate them.


The two motors of Solo Pro 125A are brushed, but the main motor has a heat sink. So, it is a good compensation.


The J6 transmitter of the heli has only one model memory. I hope NE will use the new X6 tx for this chopper. But right now, the tx is not sufficient for a CP like this one.


[Update: This is regarding new Solo Pro 125A being used with other transmitters like Walkera, JR, Spektrum, HI-Tec or Futaba – with the help of Nine Eagles General Link Module, which you can attach to the tx with 3 cables.]

Comparison to Other Brands

Solo Pro 125A has clear similarity with Walkera Genius CP; but it is far more superior in many aspects like tail boom of 125A is longer than that of GCP, which gives it tail authority over the later. The problem of slow yaw drift occurring in GCP is not present in 125A. so, all in all, looking at the heat sink, detachable landing gear, absence of yaw drift and longer tail boom have all created great challenges for Genius CP.


I was wondering whether the so small servos will respond or not, when I first flew the heli, but they were wonderfully responsive. The bird is quite aggressive and agile in high rates but with dual rates it just hovers in the room. Stability is wonderful. Gyro is certainly good because I needed very few corrections to hover neatly, at the time of this launch flight. The bird also doesn’t suffer from a slow yaw drift. I even tried moves like figure of 8, fast forward and inverted flights and flips quite easily.


  • Excellent durability
  • Excellent stability
  • Replaceable landing skids
  • No slow yaw drift
  • Discernible bright white canopy and blades


  • No adjustment pots on the receiver
  • J6 transmitter cannot be used for any other heli
  • Battery tray is very small, not big enough to accommodate 240mAh Hyperion batteries


Those who are wishing for a stable sturdy and small (lightweight) heli should invest in Solo Pro 125A by Nine Eagles.

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