SkyArtec Wasp Nano CP 3D Brushless RC Helicopter Review

SkyArtec Wasp Nano CP 3D Brushless RC Helicopter Review

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Now my fleet has SkyArtec Wasp Nano CP heli and I am enjoying it a lot. It is inexpensive (which was my main concern), well-built and has a configurable tx. Actually, my friends had advised me to go for a V922, which I still don’t have, but I preferred this 6-CH 3D brushless CP heli with colorbox. Would like to share how I am finding it…

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BNF and non-BNF versions are available in Wasp Nano and as I didn’t have a NASA-701 tx I bought the entire package, which comes in a superb aluminum box and includes:

1 Nano helicopter

3 240mAh LI-Polymer Batteries

1 Charger and USB Cable

NASA-701 Transmitter

Spare Main and Tail Blades

Screwdriver and Spare Screws

Keys for the Aluminum Box



Height: 7.5 cm

Length: 22.5 cm

Main Rotor Diameter: 24 cm

Tail Rotor Diameter: 3.6 cm

Battery: 3.7V 240mAh Li-Po

Charger: USB

Flying Weight: 48 gm

Main Drive Gear: 61 T

Motor Pinion Gear: 9 T

[Find the features of the Wasp Nano CP here.]

Building Quality

Building quality of Wasp Nano is good with firm landing gear. As I am a bit crash-pro (!) had a few crashes, but the gear is fairly intact, though skids came off and canopy got cracked which I mended with a plastic adhesive tape. Now it is working fine, but get cracks where there is not tape. So, I recommend to stick a tape from all over inside. But do it carefully and keep in mind that the weight of canopy is going to increase. I also found that the elevator servo rod rubs against the canopy. I had to correct it by cutting a small part of it and now it doesn’t kiss the canopy. Remember to file the cut part to make it smooth if you have to do it.

Main and Tail Blades

The main blade is 10.9 cm and the tail rotor is about 3.5 cm and looks like that of my V911. Tail boom is secured well and is 2.5 x 2.5 mm in size. There is a plastic casing over the tail motor which also embraces the motor wires.


Servos are 3 and are 2 gm 5-wire so don’t have internal electronics and are controllable from the PCB box.


There are 3 batteries available with the BNF version of Wasp Nano and each weighs 7.9 gm. The 240mAh batteries are rated at 25C. It lasts quite nicely – over 5 and half minutes, both in the beginner mode and hovering. Putting in the batteries was quite tough for me. As I had to squeeze the plastic on their side and somehow pushed them in. I even tried using putting in only one battery, but that too was equally difficult. So, you will need a lot of practice at least in the beginning.

The charger, though simple, has LED marking turning red when charging is done.



The NASA-701 TX has been designed by the SkyArtec for using with gliders, planes and helis, with or without flybar. It offers pitch curves and 5-point throttle and is fully configurable. It has a battery-holder, which is required to be plugged in. You can use a rechargeable battery pack like me or with 8 AA size alkaline batteries. It has LCD but it doesn’t feature a backlight or graphs of curves. Two switches are present on the tx – the left one for throttle hold and the right one for idle up. There is an arrangement to warn you by beeping and flashing if they are put in wrong position while powering up the tx. Another feature of the NASA-701 is it has a 5 pin DIN kind of plug on the backside which can be made use of to link to simulation software; however, this plug is not very common.



The Nano has two flight modes, ‘beginner’ and ‘aerobatic’. They are programmed in the receiver. The top of the rx has a small button to help you toggling between these two. You have to press it thrice. Green light will show that you are in beginner mode and red shows aerobatic mode. You can remember the last mode while powering up every time. The function of beginner mode is not known. I checked the manual but didn’t find it.

After correcting whatever problems I faced, I found that the Nano is good to fly. I could fly it pretty nicely just on my first flight with it with my experience of 4-ch FP flying (v911). However it was quite fast backwards before I could control it and aileron response was not much, at least I didn’t see any.

Outdoor flying is excellent with no wind. So, for beginners it seems fine as claimed by the Skyartec. Tail can be called stable despite some wags at the time of pitch pumping. Gyro facilitates stability well and doesn’t need restart after landing.

I didn’t try the ‘aerobatic’ mode yet as I have not enough experience. Trying to find someone experienced…

If you are a beginner, buy the heli from a seller who actually performs flight tests to ensure no mechanical problems.

Spare Parts Availability

Spare parts of Nano are available on Banggood.


  • Extremely easy to fly
  • Good stability
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Economical price


  • Difficult battery inserting system


In short, Wasp Nano CP is excellent for beginners as well as for experts. The price is affordable, so you can invest in it to get good returns of fun and easy flying.

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Best Offer on BangGood:

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