Walkera Super FP RTF Review

Walkera Super FP RTF Review

  • Flying
  • Durability
  • Price

The Walkera Super FP is indeed a super member of a group of Micro flybarless fixed-pitch helicopters, such as the Walkera V120D01 and the Blade MsrX. These helis which utilize 3 gyros are great for learners due to their efficiency, simple rotor structure and stable, but maneuverable performance. They have surely come a long way since the launch of relatively new Solo Pro, Trex 100, MSR, 9958 and V911 which too are fixed pitch but are not so maneuverable. Gone are the days of the toilet bowl effect and flybar strikes.

Super FP is fixed pitch and is built on the popular Mini CP platform. It has been designed mainly for beginners evolving from coaxial or fixed pitch helis with flybars. You can mostly interchange its parts with those of the Genius CP or the Mini CP; but some parts of Super FP are unique to it, such as the RX board, rotor head, the servos themselves as well as the servo holder frame.



The package of Super FP includes: 1 Super FP helicopter, 1 2402D (Devention 4 channel) transmitter, 1 3.7V 240mAh battery, 1 GA006 charger, 1 instruction booklet and 2 instruction CDs. There are also some spare parts.


The 2402D transmitter included in the package of the RTF version of Super FP is the most basic TX from the Devention line of Walkera. It is good that it is 2.4GHz, because it features stable signals and hardly any interference. However, it lacks some features useful for learners, like telemetry function (which is present  on the heli itself) or dual rates. We can only hope that the future revision of the TX will have these features. Having said that, the transmitter gives optimum performance for the 4-channel Super FP. If you are a newbie and are a passionate hobbyist of RC helis, invest in the Devention 6S or 8S. With them, you can fly Walkera helis/multicopters to their best.

super fp transmitter


When you look at it first, the Super FP may appear to you like the Mini CP wearing a different canopy. This is more because of the shared construction between these two birds. But below the canopy, there are clear differences, like different servos, servo holders, board, rotor-head, and so on. But being similar to Mini CP (which shares most of its parts in turn with Genius CP) is great because you can get most parts readily available, so, you don’t have to be grounded due to no parts.


Super FP has got accurate and responsive servos. However they are controlled by the board, so there are 5-wire servos in place of the regular 3-wire servos.


The telemetry feature is present on the helicopter but not on the stock 2402D transmitter. This feature sends signals to the transmitter telling various types of information, like motor temperature and battery voltage (both present on Super FP). This is extremely useful for pilots because it conveys exact voltage which prevents over-discharging of the battery.

Flying Performance

In the no wind condition, Super FP flies great, after putting 6 AA batteries and charging the 240mAh battery.

Super FP lifts off the ground easily with centered trims. It gives no strange flying characteristics. In forward flight, it tracks straight. It is amazingly fast and doesn’t tend to bob up during fast forward flight like V200. However it shows the usual feature of all flybarless FP helis of a little wobble if the RPMs are brought down to very low.

The tail truly holds and response of rudder is very nice. You may think that the servos might be a bit sluggish and would respond slower than the servos of Mini CP, as they are controlled by the main board, but it is not so. This little heli is superb to teach learners all the basics.

The only issue can be a short flight time. With the stock 240mAh battery (which beeps at 3.5 volts) you can get about just 2-3 minutes of flight. You can try 400mAh batteries which might offer longer flights.

super-fp flying


  • Looks awesome
  • Stable and responsive at the same time
  • Can fly circuits and FFF easily
  • Flybarless head (less mess in a crash, due to not more number of parts to fix)
  • 2.4GHz with nicely designed transmitter
  • Tail holds super solid
  • Individual servos not exposed to elements


  • Short flight time (can be solved with a 400+mAh battery)
  • Transmitter doesn’t have any axis or dual rates
  • Advanced users may get bored with a bit of tamed servos


Super FP is great for those who have flown FP helis or are taking a step up from coaxials but need a bit more confidence, before heading to CP helis. Even for experienced pilots, it is great and its looks in the air are stunning.

Enjoy this superb video of Super FP flight by Nikolay Kotzev where it is giving excellent performance in wind!

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