Syma X1 Review

Syma X1 Review

  • Durability
  • Flying
  • Price

Syma X1 4-CH 2.4GHz quadcopter is available in 3 types – a spacecraft, a UFO flying saucer and a bumble bee. It is an excellent toy for those who want to try a quadcopter. It has great stability, light weight and enough nimbleness required for a fun flight. Moreover its price is affordable.

The Package

The package of Syma X1 contains: the Syma X1 quadcopter, stock transmitter, a 1S 3.7V 350mAh Lithium-Po battery, a JST connector, a USB charging cable with LED light, a set of 4 extra rotors and an instruction manual.


Unlike V949, Syma X1 doesn’t have LED lights under cartridge. Front rotors as well as motor mounts are white, while the back rotors are black. Thought it doesn’t have external LEDs, its visibility is quite good.

X1-bumble beeX1-spaceshipX1-UFO


The transmitter of Syma X1 is quite basic, with a toyish touch. It doesn’t possess a charging cable and also you cannot charge a battery with it. Even it doesn’t have backlit LCD. For all these reasons, the transmitter needs only 4 AA batteries, and not 6. Added to the control sticks the expected 4 trim buttons for all the channels are present. There are two added buttons of the top shoulder, one on either side. The left shoulder button has control over D/R. By default it has low setting when you turn the TX on. The left shoulder button is present to toggle it between High and Low. The right shoulder button is meant for flips. Syma has invented the word “Eversion” for flip, the origin of which is unknown. The basic maneuver is the same as that of the later V949. Keep holding the flip button and initiate the flip in that direction using right cyclic stick. If you repeat click on flip button, the quad will present multiple flips.

stock TX

An interesting feature of the TX is it is switchable between modes 2 and 4, though the manual calls them modes 1 and 2, respectively. Many people, particularly those coming from 3CH and some 4CH coaxial, are more used to Mode 4. So, this is extremely helpful for them.

Batteries and Charging

You should take a word of caution from me – never use the stock USB charging cable for charging any unprotected Li-Po batteries. USB cable doesn’t have the brains about when to stop. So, the stock battery must possess some Over-Charge Protection (OCP) system under the cap. If used with an unprotected battery, the cable will go on charging the battery till it bursts.


The battery of Syma X1 is 350mAh Li-Po. Rather than a flexible battery cable having JST at the end, the JST has been molded as a part of the cap. Therefore, the entire thing is rigid. It makes the installation of battery a bit easy and you can even do it with a single hand. The battery weighs 10.7 gm. Flight time is 8 minutes which is more than sufficient with the stock batteries. If you want to fly X1 with other batteries, any 1S cell in the range of 350-600mAh will do, as long as with a JST. But with larger capacity batteries, the capacity is wasted in carrying the heavy weight. So, better go for smaller capacity batteries, more in number.

Motor Mounts

The motor mounts are identical with the ones with mQx, rather than V949. Compared to V949, the motors of X1 are smaller. It is 7mm motor. The 9-t pinion is made from a plastic or nylon sort of material. The main gear is smaller too than that of V949. The arms however are exactly the same. Indeed, V949 and X1 share exact footprints.


Syma X1 weighs 57.65 gm and battery and stock battery weigh 10.73 gm. Thus, with batteries X1 is 15% lighter than V949. And that’s indeed quite light.


To bind TX with RX, you should first install the LiPo battery in X1. Set it with right side up on an even surface. A faint red LED light below the canopy will start flashing fast. During this, turn the TX on. Let a few seconds pass and the red LED will glow brightly. This completes the binding. You need to do this only once. For flights thereafter, turn the TX on first and bring back the throttle to zero. This is in general a good habit for all RC toys. Then you install the battery in the quad. The LED will flash fast (means searching) and will glow solid (meaning ready). If you forget to return to zero throttle, there is one safety provision. The quad would not spin till you return throttle to zero.

Binding Process for Turningy 9X Radio

First insert X1 LiPo and LED blinks fast. During this time, hold the Binding button on the FlySky module and turn on the T9x. Let go of the Binding button. Some seconds later the LED will blink slowly. Power cycle (turn off and on) the T9x and it will bind (Sign: LED goes bright). After this, it is recommended to turn on the T9x first, insert LiPo in X1 and place X1 on an even surface and wait for some seconds, and you are done.


Syma X1 achieves hand-free hover in seconds with solid gyro. Compared to V949, the motors too are more peaceful. Stability is superb and you can easily control it for indoor flight. Both L/H rates are very suitable for indoor flight. However, while flying outdoors, it might become a bit passive, though the flight and flips are just fine. The gyro doesn’t lose control after a pack of moves.

With V949 transmitter, it hardly moves at 20 and 40%; at 60% it feels like Low on the quad and at 100%, it feels like Hi. There are no accidental flips. The same flip button works for X1 too. However, with the Turningy 9X TX it seems like a totally different quad, very aggressive, banking turn beautifully.

Spare Part Availability

Spare part availability is very important for maintaining the hobby of RC heli flying. Fortunately in case of Syma X1, spare parts are available easily and at reasonable prices. They are available at sources like Syma ToyStore, SymaHelicopter, Ferala, RC-Fever, ThinkRC, Banggood, RCHelicopterbox and ToysModel.


  • Affordable price
  • Excellent stability, no WOD
  • Quiet
  • Compatible with TX of FlySky, V949 and Turningy 9X
  • 8+ minutes of flight time
  • Light weight
  • JST battery connector
  • Fail-safe throttle kit
  • Affordable and easily available spare parts


  • Limited range (with stock TX)
  • No external LED


Actually Syma X1 is a very capable quad, but becomes dumb because of the stock TX. It is very stable, maneuverable and fun to fly, but you should pair it with a real radio! And it passes the safety test, as with its power cut, it stops down much faster than other models. With its stock radio, it can fly for mere 30 meters, while with a Turningy 9X or V949 radio it flies as far as your eyes can see. Thus for those who want to try their hand on a quad, Syma X1 is excellent. It is a perfect alternative for V949.  

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