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Walkera TALI H500 Review

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It is an acknowledged fact that Walkera has been in a race to compete with the infamous Phantom and has been launching similar 300 size quads, or delivering copters that have the same performance and experience as the Phantom. The results of Walkera’s campaign to rank alongside Phantom have been varied and depending on who is talking anywhere from failures to close enough. Fast forward to today and you have, drum rolls please…. the new Walkera TALI H500 hexacopter. With this newest addition, Walkera has finally taken a step forward and produced a video hexacopter that is aimed especially targeted at the professional aerial RTF video market.

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The goods on Walkera TALI H500

When you receive the Walkera TALI H500 you are getting an RTF kit that is fully loaded with almost everything that you need to shoot a quality aerial 1080p video. Going for $1,899, what you get included in the box is as follows:

  • 1 x Walkera TALI H500 Hexacopter body that has 6 motors plus 2 propeller sets
  • 1 x Pro level 3 Axis brushless Gimbal G-3D
  • 1 x High resolution iLook+ HD camera that has built 5.8g video downlink
  • 1 x 12 Channel Devo F12E controller with First Person View Transmitter and built in video screen
  • 1 x 22.2V 5400mAh LiPo Battery and Charger

There are several kit options that come with the TALI H500 including a right hand or left hand throttle, or American versus European standard for chargers. The Walkera TALI H500 is clearly designed to fly with a larger camera and comes ready to set up with a GoPro compatible gimbal as well as one specially designed or flying a Sony RX100 m3 camera. Enthusiasts as well as serious users can choose according to their preference and not based on price because the stock Walkera TALI H500 with 1Look+camera and GoPro gimbal costs the same as the TALI H500 that has a Sony RX100 m3 designed gimbal.

Look and style of the Walkera TALI H500

Walkera TALI H500 2

White Walkera TALI H500

Sleek is the word that comes to mind when you think of the new Walkera TALI H500. The first thing that strikes you when looking at the Walker TALI H500 body is how very different it is from other hexa copters that are on the market. It has a sophisticated design that is oriented towards both form and function with a uni-body that conceals all the cables inside the copter itself. The typical F550 hexa that is used for video functions has a lot of exposed parts and wires which make them all about the function and very little beauty of form. Not so with the TALI H500. It has a clean and professional look that is perfect for serious professionals and is good for protecting the inner workings of the hexa. Any professional would enjoy using the TALI H500 because it is bound to impress your clients from the get go.

The TALI H500 is not designed to carry heavy duty heavy cameras such as the Panasonic GH3 or GH4. However, it is more compatible with more compact cameras such as a SonyRX100 or any of the GoPro lines. With the TALI H500, there is no folding required, no wires to hook up and it is oh so convenient in how it can easily be ported from shoot to shoot. The TALI H500 comes ready to fly straight out of the box and does not have a huge learning curve in learning to fly it. The radio also has a video screen that is useful for video shot framing. Additionally the Walkera TALI H500 has two 12v power plugs situated on its underside to make connections such as the GoPro upgrade using an immersionRC 600mw VTX.

Black Walkera TALI H500 with GoPro

Black Walkera TALI H500 with GoPro

The standard TALI H500 has functional retractable landing gear which retracts for a sleeker look. This is unusual for many quad or hexa copters so this immediately put the TALI H500 into a higher league than the rest. This is one of the features “serious” quad guys love to put on the Phantom and many other quad and hexas. The servo system is simple to operate which makes it easier to open and retract the legs of the copter. This is especially important in the event that you need to replace parts you can just pop out the broken leg and insert a new part without having to do a major overhaul. With its removable legs and propellers, the TALI H500 very easy to carry on the road and convenient for active video shoots

Walkera TALI H500 Video capabilities

The standard stock Walkera TALI H500 kit comes with Walkera’s iLook+ HD camera which can be a substitute for a GoPro camera if you don’t have the budget. It even fits seamlessly onto GoPro Gimbals so it can be a first step into professional video capturing before you upgrade to GoPro. The iLook+ camera has a built in video transmitter that is 200mw 5.8 mhz. The iLook+ camera is easily the best method of mastering live video without buying a GoPro. Granted, you can’t really fly the TALI H500 for miles with only 200mw, however, for short trips around the block or real-estate video capturing, then this hexacopter is a home run.

Upgrade to GoPro – You can still upgrade to a GoPro since the TALI H500 is in actual fact a GoPro gimbal so it is as simple as dismounting the iLook+ and sliding the GoPro in. The only thing that you need to do the transition from iLook+ to GoPro is an immersionRC 600mw VTX as well as a GoPro to VTX connection cable. However, this does present the challenge of you the pilot having to remember that you need to drop the TALI’s legs prior to landing. If you recall it too late then you may end up breaking the legs or if you don’t remember at all then you land on the gimbal.

ILook+ Camera Specifications

  • Video Resolution – HD 1920*1080P
  • Video Frame Rate – 30FPS
  • Video Format – MOV
  • Video Compressing Format – H.264
  • Image Pixel – 300
  • Resolution – 4032*3024 Pixel
  • Video Format – MJPG
  • Standby Power Loss – 1.33W
  • Working Power Loss – 1.9W
  • Supply Voltage – 3.7V-5V
  • Working Temperature – -10~+70℃
  • Lens Spec – 1/3’’
  • Lens Angle – 170°(MAX)
  • Weight – 125g


Telemetry and Radio

The Walkera TALI H500 comes with the new F12e radio that has not one, not two but 4 slider radio controls. They are designed to control the pitch, yaw and roll of your gimbal as well as your overall gains. The radio has a 5 inch video monitor which is built in to the system and displays not only the video but the telemetry from your TALI H500. The F12e radio is easy and quick to program has a logical interface with switches that are laid out conveniently. It also follows the systematic approach of earlier DEVO radios editions whichwalkera tali radio makes it intuitive for those that have used DEVO radios previously.
With the F12e radio Walkera has finally gotten it right by giving it an external socket that can use the supplied 5.8 GHz circular antenna. The best part is that you can also use the external socket with other antennas such as a 5 turn helical antenna which can help you capture video from farther distances.

Walkera TALI H500 Battery & Charger

The TALI H500 battery has an easy to use “Plug & Play” function that has power indicator lights. It installs by sliding into the TALI H500 body and releases using 2 push latches; one on either side of the body. The TALI H500 battery is 22 volts and 6S 5400mah which gives it about 20 minutes of flying. The TALI H500 also has a 12v power connection on its underside for charging. The battery can be powered on and off via a switch that is located on its back which makes it great for those off times when you have the copter stored or when you are charging the battery. When the battery is low on power, the TALI 500 has an integrated vibrating “low on power” system which is really excellent because it gives you a chance to wrap up your video shoot.

The Verdict on the Walkera TALI H500

When all is said and done the Walkera TALI H500 is great for aerial video and is a ready to use copter for anyone one who is looking for professional video. It offers smooth flying without the fuss of learning how to master the controls. The look and style is very professional looking and it is compatible with a GoPro for those wanting to upgrade later. Walkera has greatly improved the functionality of its copter as compared to previous versions especially with the F12e radio that has a built in video screen and creates no fuzz. It’s not sweet sailing however, because the TALI H500’s GPS has a 3 minute window needed for the hexa to acquire satellites which could be improved to cut that time. Also when the battery gets low and you have to switch from GPS to manual control then you risk crashing the copter altogether. Lastly, the APM flight controller could do with some improvement; however you can’t make any changes to the settings because the controller has been locked down. These are minor gripes however and nothing that can’t be circumvented in one way or another so we definitely would recommend getting the Walkera TALI H500. It is a vast improvement for Walkera in this category and is perfect for anyone looking for ready to go solution.

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Walkera TALI H500 – RTF


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