WLtoys V949 Upgraded V212 Review

WLtoys V949 Upgraded V212 Review

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WLToys’ V949 has been upgraded with the name V212 by adding an accelerometer. However the new version is not just a replacement. It has a lot more than just that. It is a 2.4G 6-axis quad RTF mode 2. This is the review of the accelerometer-equipped V212 which is expected to help those pilots who are eager to add this bird to their fleet.


Package of V212 contains:

1 x V212 Quadcopter

1 x 3.7V 500mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

1 x 110V/220V Charger

1 x 2.4GHz Transmitter

 4 x Extra Propellers

1 x User Manual

V212 - 2


Wight Without Battery: 65 gm

Material: PA

Battery for Quad: 3.7V 500mAh

Charging Time: 50 Minutes

Battery for TX: 6 x 1.5 AA Battery (not included)

Flight Time: 10 Minutes

Range: 100-150 Meters

More Resemblance to V959 than to V949

Although supposedly V212 is upgraded from V949, it has most of its parts similar to V959, barring the canopy which it shares with V949.

Props too are same as V959, the difference being in the color which has changed to bright orange from the red of V959, a great improvement to increase visibility. orange prop of V212 and red of V959


The accelerometer chip sits on the new receiver board, along with 4 motor plugs and 4 LED power outlets which can be controlled by the transmitter. The board carries a revision number which shows that the quad uses the V2x2 protocol attuned with all other quads by WLToys having accelerometers.  

receiver board with accelerometer chip


The 2.4GHz transmitter runs on the same protocol as that of all other accelerometer-bearing quads by WLToys (i.e. V202, V212 and V222), which means that you can use it to control any of these 3 quads. Quick binding and no issue of range or interference is experienced. Also stick tension is equivalent to all other transmitters of WLToys.


Thus the transmitter is pretty nice with its top carrying the button controlling the rates (20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and flip) on the left and that controlling the LED light bars on the right side. The screen turns amber at the ‘flip’ mode, but no audio cue has been provided, which would have been a good addition otherwise.

V212 - night flight with LEDs shining

Flight Performance

V212’s greatest qualification is perhaps its flight performance! The minute you ease up the throttle, it takes off so nice and level. The rates of 60 and 80 are preferable when flying outside. Under 20 and 40, it responds nearly negligible to even a big stick movement. Though flight performance doesn’t lag much, when you let go of the stick, the quad will level itself, not aggressive, but pretty conspicuous. This can’t be called a bad quality, but may seem strange to those of you who are used to mini quads with no accelerometers.

The claim of inverted launch is true! Given that you have a bit of altitude, V212 doesn’t really seem to be concerned with at what altitude it is launched. And that helps the quad also in doing tumbles (start flip and then cut the throttle) or also merely cutting the throttle high above and throttling at the last moment for a recovery in a fraction of a second.

Some users of V212 and V222 are experiencing the problem of losing signal/control, particularly in regions where there are high amounts of Wi-Fi and other communication signals. So, prefer avoiding such flying fields like highly urbanized areas, because that ambience seems to influence this quad the most.

Though V212 is not compatible with the Flysky protocol, those pilots, who have flown V202 already, will find it certainly nice that the V212 is compatible with the transmitter of V202. V212 can fly in high winds and has the ability of inverted launch and to do tumbles, and can fast recover from altitude troubles. All these qualities make it quite a standout (although V222 too has these qualities).

Boom Assembly

This doesn’t come in the package, but is actually very helpful to fix the easily breakable wired boom. So, better you buy one. The procedure is very easy and painless. You just have to pull out the broken boom after delinking the wires to the main board, insert new assembly, plug in, add prop and you are done – thus, it is really plug and play. The boom assembly will really help you to rewire the whole assembly, which is otherwise impossible without a lot of sweating.  


  • High stability even in windy conditions
  • Powerful motors derived from V959
  • Orange-colored props increase visibility
  • LEDs are useful for night flight
  • Able to do tumbles


  • Interference of other communication signals may be an issue
  • Lack of audio cue while the quad enters flip mode.


If you are not in search of stock WLToys modules or camera, V212 is a quad for you. It is able to carry an 808 # 16 easily and its stability makes it a perfect candidate if you do FPV or AP. However those living in highly urbanized areas, where communication signals may interfere with the quad’s flight a lot, better hold their passion a little till the newer improved versions arrive.


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