WLToys V666 Review

WLToys V666 Review

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WL Toys has come up with another quadcopter, the V666 5.8GHz First Person View.  At 52.5cm x 52.5cm, this quadcopter is a lot bigger than most FVP drones in the market.  Adding an HD camera to a V666 equals a great kit.  Aerial photographs and photography videos have never been this easy and outstanding. With a 5.8 GHz aerial graph display, the presented view is quite remarkable.

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For its size, WL Toys V666 is surprisingly light. Taking out the canopy lightens the quadcopter and presents no real concern as the material is durable enough to stand bumps and grazes.  Included in the package are one RC quadcopter, a transmitter, a battery, an FPV monitor, 4 spare blades, an EU plug charger, and a manual.

wltoys v666

Specifications and Features

WL Toys V666 RC Quadcopter employs a 2.4GHz  SPSP Technology which means that the radio controller has an anti-jamming characteristic.  It has a 6-axis Gyro for more flexible and stable flights.  The 4 channels afford the quadcopter easily ascend /descend, go forward and backward, bank left or right, hover and even do 360 degree flips.  The LCD screen shows not only the throttle but the status of the battery, LED light and signals.

v666 package

The battery for the V666 quacopter is 7.4V 1200 mAh while transmitter batteries are 4 AA. Recharging time is from 1 to 1.5 hours, with 8 to 10 minutes flight duration. The remote control works at a distance of up to 150 meters.

Features of this drone are an FPV monitor, an HD camera fitted with a vibration absorber, FPV 5.85GHx real-time transmission. This huge but lightweight quadcopter has the capacity to support water cannon, missile launcher, a bubble blower, and a hook and basket.  The transmitter can be switched from mode 1 to mode 2 and vice-versa.

Flight of the V666 RC Quadcopter

The V666 is bigger than most quadcopters but its lightweight frame and 6 – axis Gyro makes for an easier, flexible and stable indoor and outdoor flights.  Indoor flight is very stable even at a height of 5 feet.

It is best to get a spare battery to increase flight time. However, the lifespan of the motor will be much longer if it’s not pushed to its limits.

Though the V666 is designed and equipped to do aerials, its huge size is a bit cumbersome. The canopy affords great protection for the motor housing and propellers but it is possible to quickly take out the canopy for a lighter load and more compact flying. Doing flips and turns without the canopy is acceptable.

wltoys v666 remote controler

FPV Video Platform

One common problem with small quadcopters is its visibility to the pilot more so if it is at a great distance. The V666 is easy to spot in flight and is very stable during flight because of the 6-axis Gyro. This stability affords the pilot high quality video footage. Included in the package is a 720 pixel HD video at 30 FPS. It is also fitted with an anti-vibration mount for steadier shots and footage. Real-time footage is sent from the camera to the LCD screen on the transmitter.  An after-market option is an HD camera for 1080 pixel HD video at 60 FPS. This will also fit the included anti-vibration mount.

wltoys v666 fpv screen

Pros and Cons

The V666 RC FPV Quadcopter‘s size is both advantageous and disadvantageous, depending on the user. However, most flyers find the V666 quite manageable to fly when taking video footage. There are now quite a lot of videographers who take to video coverage using a quadcopter for high definition and unique coverage.  Most agree that this particular quadcopter is a great choice for FPV beginners. The V666 is quite affordable. It has a headless mode for convenience. Though made of plastic and EPP, the material is safe and durable enough for long term use.


WLToys V666 RC FPV Quadcopter is recommended for newbie FPV flyers.  It is easy to fly, maneuver and control, and affords great videos and photos.

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