Imagine A Hobby Killing Someone – Unfortunate Death of Roman Pirozek Jr.

Imagine A Hobby Killing Someone – Unfortunate Death of Roman Pirozek Jr.

It is unfortunate when death strikes someone when s/he in a blooming age and is happily enjoying just a favorite sport. It happened with Roman Pirozek Jr. a boy of just 19 years of age. The teenager lad was hit by his model chopper because he lost its control and the 62-inch rotors of the heli scalped him almost beheading him. The regrettable incident happened in Calvert Vaux Park, Brooklyn, New York, near Coney Island, on Thursday, 5th September 2013.

Though paramedical help reached Roman immediately and they tried to save him to their best, while horrified witnesses watched the whole incident helplessly including the unfortunate father of the lad, he was declared dead just after a short while.

scene of accident

Police too arrived at the site of incident after Roman’s death and told that the heli fell from the sky to hit the boy down. There were minimum four people who saw the incident happening. Reportedly the heli is a high-end $1,500 product of Align, a company from Taiwan, the rotor of which spins at a speed of over 2,000RPM. The heli weighs a bit more than 6 pounds.

lad killed by RC heli

Roman was an enthusiastic hobbyist as told by his neighbors and was often seen in the area flying the aircraft. He was the vice-president to a local hobby club, Seaview Rotary Wings, three other members of which too were accompanying him at the time of the accident. Roman has also posted several YouTube videos of his chopper flights, in which he is seen handling the heli with ease and doing a number of spectacular tricks. This time too he was seemingly trying for a complex venture but something unknown went wrong.

Roman was a graduate from the High School of Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture of Queens, NY.

The causative toy heli was found 20 feet from Roman’s body on the ground in a crumpled state and was later covered by the police with a sheet.   

Remote Control Helicopter Death

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